Updating Zoning Rules To Protect Water Wells From New Septic Tank Installations

Zoning ordinances are sometimes not updated until the necessity for change is clearly established. In the meantime, problems that should have been averted due to zoning restrictions can actually arise within a community. As population density increases, for example, the minimum lot size requirement for new homes with a septic tank needs to be increased to protect the integrity of groundwater in nearby water wells. In sparsely populated areas, properly functioning septic tank systems usually have no impact on the quality of water in local water wells. Read More 

3 Signs You Should Run For Local Office

You may have never thought about running for mayor, city councilman, the College of DuPage board of trustees, or any other similar position. However, running for local office might just be the right decision for you for a few reasons. These are a few signs that you may want to look into building your own campaign. 1. You Have Ideas for Your Community No matter how large or small your community might be, there is a chance that there are steps that can be taken to improve it. Read More